If you have a damaged pipe there are generally 2 methods you have to choose from to fix this problem.


The first of these is traditional pipe replacement, which involves the pipe having to be excavated and the damaged section of pipe removed and replaced. Whereas the second, more innovative and less invasive method, is known as pipe relining. Here are six reasons why it’s a smarter alternative to invest in pipe relining services over pipe replacement.


1. Saves Time


Depending on the extent of damage to your pipe, pipe replacement services may take up to two weeks from the issue initially being diagnosed using a CCTV drain camera.


As the pipe has to be dug up for replacement using either shovels – for confined space or difficult to access areas – or using a mini excavator if the pipe system can be accessed with machinery – the hands-on labour or organisation of machinery and contractor prolongs the replacement process. With pipe relining the damaged pipe can be fixed in as little as a day, which is crucial if the pipeline that needs repairs connects to your toilet or shower.


2. Saves the Mess and Disruption


If you’re undertaking pipe replacement services this can cause an extensive amount of mess and disruption to your household.

For example, as pipe replacement requires the pipe to be excavated, it means that your lawn or garden will be dug up and need landscaping afterwards, not to mention it being virtually inaccessible while the excavation is in process, which also makes it difficult to navigate the exterior of your home. Pipe relining doesn’t require excavation so there’s minimal mess and disruption.


3. Extends the Pipe Life


When a pipe is relined it strengthens the existing pipe as the insert is incredibly strong and durable, effectively extending the life of the pipe longer than what would have been achieved through pipe repairs. Pipe relining systems have a minimum guarantee of 50 years after insertion. (https://www.trenchless-australasia.com/listings/nuflow-technologies/)


4. Creates Better Water Flow


As pipe relining creates a smooth surface it enhances the water flow along the pipe, enabling continuous and uninterrupted high-pressure water transfer. This is much better for water flow than pipe replacement.


5. Environmentally Friendly


Pipe replacement involves excavation, so it’s a very invasive method of repairing a pipe environmentally.

As pipe relining doesn’t need excavation it’s far more environmentally friendly.


6. Saves money


Because excavation is necessary for pipe replacement, there’s either the additional costs of labour for digging or machinery and contractor hire, making it a far more expensive method of pipe repairs than relining.


If you’re interested in saving money on your damaged pipe repairs or you’d like to find out more about pipe relining, contact Ruttley Relining today.


Ruttley Relining specialise in pipe relining services and offer competitive rates and superior quality products. All of the pipe relining systems used by the company meet the AS/NZ 3500 Standards of Approval.

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