Pipe Relining: What are the benefits of this Method?

When it comes to clogged, leaking and broken pipes, many commercial property owners think of replacement which is expensive, time consuming and disruptive.

Fortunately, today there’s a new technology: pipe relining, which has plenty of benefits over traditional methods of pipe repair.


What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a process of rehabilitating worn out drainage and sewer pipes using the minimum amount of excavation.

This trench-less method was discovered almost a decade ago, but it’s not yet fashionable to many homeowners or commercial property owners. This means that there’s a significant proportion of Aussies who haven’t enjoyed the benefits of this piping repair technology.


The Key Benefits of Commercial Pipe Relining

As mentioned earlier, pipe relining is more advantageous than the typical methods used in the past to repair damaged pipes. With this being said, let’s have a closer look at what exactly these benefits are.


1. Less expensive

The main reason why this method is cost-effective is due to the fact that large excavations are not required, which means no destruction of infrastructures (such as pathways, roads, building floors and so on), fewer machines for the operation and few laborers. With pipe relining, most of the expenses incurred during traditional pipe repair are no longer there, and as a result, relining services become affordable.


2. Minimum disruption to business

While conventional methods of pipe repair take several days, the relining method is carried out and completed within a day, and sometimes plumbers may even take 3-4 hours to complete the assigned pipe relining work. For a commercial building, pipe relining can be done on shift times: early in the morning before the usual busy day begins and also in the evening when businesses close. This translates to less disruption to people’s daily lives.


3. Less Destruction to Landscape

Usually, mass destruction affects the landscape when repairing sewer pipes using the conventional methods. This is because the technique involves digging large trenches to replace or repair the damaged pipe which may lead to the demolition of roads, pathways, floors, and uprooting of plants. Luckily, with relining, there is no likelihood of landscape and property destruction as this method requires only two holes for successful operation.


4. Improves the Sewer System

It’s no surprise that pipe relining is the most impressive technique for pipe repair and its ability to improve the pipeline system is unmatched. The resin not only covers the cracks but also enhances the durability of your sewer line. In fact, many experts say that relined pipes can work effectively for more than five decades, and once your pipes are relined you shouldn’t experience sewer issues any time soon.


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