When a hot water system goes it will tend to go suddenly with a bang, whimper or flood. When this happens you won’t have the luxury of finding the best solution for supplying hot water in your property and will need to get a replacement wheeled in as soon as you can.

Planning ahead and getting the right product installed before your hot water system fails can make a big difference to your energy bills and to your impact on the environment too. Herein we explore whether gas, electric or solar hot water systems are right for you.

Gas Hot Water Pumps

Gas is a good option for those who have access to a natural gas connection in their home. Installing a gas hot water system will mean that ongoing bills will be lower because gas is cheaper than electricity. A gas hot water system will also be able to heat water as and when it is needed so you do not need a hot water tank.

When installed inside, a gas boiler will need to be installed with a flue for ventilation, but they can also be installed externally. For those without access to natural gas it is possible to install an LPG boiler, but running costs will be significantly more expensive.

A gas hot water pump will cost between $900-$2000 excluding installation.

LPG Gas Hot Water System

Another hot water system that is bagging a lot of users lately is the LPG Gas powered system. This is a tank-less continuous flow of LPG Gas to your house.

Many home owners are shifting to this system because:

  • It only heats the water as it passes through your tap
  • Optional controllers enable temperature control and auto bath fill
  • Wall mounted design
  • Compact
  • Energy saver

Electric Hot Water Pumps

Electric hot water pumps are commonly cheapest to buy and install, but new energy controls mean that hot water storage tanks are no longer an option for some Australian homes. Electric boilers are the most expensive to run and this is particularly true if it runs during the day when electricity prices are highest.

Systems can commonly be run off-peak to heat a water tank, but this means you will need to install a 250-315L tank for four people and the installation costs can be high because of this. Electric hot water tanks can be installed inside without a flue, but they will be the most expensive to run.

An electric hot water pump will cost between $300-$1500 without installation.

Solar Hot Water Pumps

Solar hot water is the most expensive type of water heating to install, but once installed you will benefit from low to zero running costs. Solar hot water pumps consist of a solar panel and a storage tank of 300-360L that is heated by the sun.

If you can install the panels on an exposed area of roof then you can enjoy hot water year round with zero cost. You may need to use a gas or electric booster occasionally, but your overall ongoing costs will be minimal. It is also possible to benefit from government incentives for the installation of your solar heating system which can bring the cost down dramatically.

A solar water pump will cost between $2,000-$7,000 without installation.

Solar water heating systems are the most environmentally friendly and cheapest running solution for your hot water needs, but they are also the most expensive to install. Installing an electric heater will save you money over the short-term, but long-term it will cost you the most. Finally, a gas hot water system can be effective where a natural gas supply exists, but otherwise, it can be prohibitively expensive to install.

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