The dig-and-replace technology used in the past was not only environmentally degrading but also expensive and time-consuming. Pipe relining can save property owners the extraneous costs of fixing drains. Here is how:

Low Installation Costs

Unlike traditional methods of fixing drains, pipe relining involves less plumbing work, since you do not have to extract the piping system from the ground. You also save money that would have been spent on re-developing and restoring the natural cover after digging it up. The expenditure of replacing materials that may be damaged during the excavation process is also avoided.


Pipe relining can make your piping system more durable and efficient than conventional ones.

You will incur little to no repairs and maintenance costs during its entire life-cycle. It involves adding a thick, resin textile liner pipe into the damaged pipe. This strengthens the weak points and gives you two pipes in one unit.

Additionally, the relined pipe is not susceptible to damages caused by tree root intrusion, and you can forget about draining issues for up to 50 years. The return on investment makes pipe relining the best option.

Adds Property Value

Remember, property inspections are mandatory before selling any property. Apart from energy efficiency, the drainage system is the other significant aspect in a home or property inspection checklist. A well designed and durable system can translate to efficient drainage. Pipe relining can enhance the existing system and improve the sale value of the property.

Quick Turnaround

Pipe relining allows you to fix drainage systems in less time compared to traditional methods. Previously, pipes found in hard-to-reach places would cost a fortune to rehabilitate because of the time and energy invested. You no longer have to spend money relocating residents at the property to renovate drainage systems. Pipe relining has reduced downtime and delivers a quick turn-around with lower installation costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The lining creates a smooth surface inside the pipe. Unlike the concrete, clay, and cast iron pipes, pipe relining does not allow calcification deposits to attach themselves on the walls and create obstructions. The increased flow capacity can save you the costs involved in unblocking and replacing damaged pipes. It is also 100% leak proof, and you won’t have to repeatedly dial up your plumber to deal with the same problem again and again.

Environmental Friendliness

No one wants the environment they live in to be exposed to hazardous sewer waste. Children and pets can be exposed to health issues that may be expensive to treat. Pipe relining is quick and cannot damage equipment that would cause leakages.

It does not involve the digging and excavation that can pose a risk of accidents to the vulnerable members of your family.

Most people wait to experience a foul smell, a sudden hike in their water bill, or inconsistency in water pressure to act. To avoid such issues, consider pipe relining – by far the most cost- effective way to fix drainage problems for good. It guarantees durability, low installation and maintenance costs, less downtime, no leakages, and improved property resale value.

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