commercial and strata building rehabilitations

Ruttley Relining specialises in commercial and strata building rehabilitations including the lining of drain and mechanical piping systems. Ruttley Relining installs complete inside infrastructure solutions for any commercial facility or structure including office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, schools, restaurants, museums, hospitals and more. Ruttley Relining understands the importance of keeping your business open and not disrupting tenants. Ruttley Relining offers solutions that minimize tenant displacement, demolition and renovation as well as the amount of time required to complete a rehabilitation project.


Ruttley Relining understands that pipe corrosion occurs in virtually all types of piping systems from the moment they are put into service. The adverse effects of this natural deterioration and corrosion build-up are all too familiar: coloured, bad tasting and foul smelling drinking water, water filled with harmful heavy metals, poor flow and heat transfer, and an abundance of pinhole leaks caused by excessive chlorine exposure.


Ruttley Relining offers solutions to rehabilitate service mains. The cleaning and lining system will restore and renew the piping system and quickly eliminate dangerous leaching of heavy metals into the water in the most cost-effective and time-saving way possible.


Ruttley Relining offers structural drain lining solutions for a variety of systems including vertical drain stacks, roof drains, storm systems and sanitary drain pipes. Our solutions work in all types of pipe including clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC and fiberglass.


Trenchless drain and sewer lining cost-effectively restores deteriorated and failing underground or in-building piping systems. Our technology is uniquely capable of restoring smaller diameter pipes within buildings as well as underground and under building foundations. The Ruttley Relining solution allows technicians to restore pipe systems with multiple bends, elbows, branches and transitions in pipe diameter all from existing access points, typically fixture connection points and inspection points. Ruttley Relining also has liners applied using the inversion process producing the most effective and efficient solution for the job.


Both solutions provide a liner that restores and maintains water flow and acts as a barrier between water and pipe walls that stops leaks, bridges gaps and spans holes in the pipe.


From potable water and vertical applications to fire suppression and HVAC systems, Ruttley Relining has the right solution for your project.


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Ethical, prompt, business like and skillful.Very pleased to have found a company that offers quality work.Might not be the cheapest but a perfect job, courteous and considerate staff.So fast. 3 hours flat from first phone call to completion. Will certainly be keeping the address.

Unlike many other plumbers I've previously used, everyone I engaged with at Ruttley Relining were highly professional and competent in their field. Be it the office staff organising a time, the initial visit and taking the time to fully consult with me on exactly what needed doing and even how things work, to the final job which was carried out in a timely and orderly fashion. Not once did I feel out of control, patronised, or like an idiot, as many other tradies tend to make you feel.
Nick P.

We had Ruttley Relining attend our property, once finding we had a blocked slow draining toilet. They carried out their pipe relining of our sewer system and it is now problem free. It was amazing to know that all of this scope of works was carried out with minimal to no excavation to our front yard. Thanks Again. GP

Gor. P
(02) 9199 2631


(02) 9199 2631