When plumbing plans are made for a swimming pool, nobody thinks that they will have to access the pipes ever again. But discovering water leaking from a pipe located under the swimming pool happens more often than you would think. Nevertheless, do you know that you don’t have to dig up the pool to have it fixed? Pipe relining is a better option than excavation.

How Leakages happen

Tree Root Intrusion

Indeed that beautiful shade tree next to the swimming pool comes in handy in the middle of summer by preventing it from turning into a warm bath. However, it could wreak havoc beneath your neatly manicured grass as it fights for dominance between its roots and your pipes. That’s why it’s important that your pool’s designer adheres to limit state design engineering methods.

Heavy machinery damage

Adding the final touches to your swimming pool comes as a relief after putting in so much work. However, you may not realise that destruction could have occurred beneath. The heavy machinery used to install the swimming pool could have cracked the pipes.

Yielding to pressure

Poorly layered pipes may not sustain pressure from above and can yield after some time. Aged pipes or ones made from substandard materials can also break and leak water. Remember that these substandard pipes can also create a health hazard through unnecessary corrosion and scale build-ups. Therefore, ensure you comply with pool and spa plumbing regulations and standards in your state.

How pipe relining works

The exact location of the damage in the pipe is sought using a drain camera. The first issue that needs fixing is a blockage, and this is done using a small robotic cutter or a high-pressure water jet. After that, the drain camera is used to confirm that the pipe is cleared of all debris.

If the damage is small, a pipe patch will be placed. On the other hand, a large area of the damaged pipe is fixed by placing a long-lasting pipe-lining via the nearest point of access. The extent of damage and the diameter of the pipe is a significant determinant of the repair material that will be required.


Minimal disruption to your landscape

Relining relieves you of the need to damage plant cover that could have taken ages to grow and develop. It would also take some time before your ground surface is entirely restored after an excavation. Relining can help to maintain the beauty of your home while fixing the problem of water leaking.

Saves money

You will need less labour in relining because there is no need to extract the pipe from the ground. It also cuts the cost of replacing materials damaged in the process of digging the ground. You will not need to spend money on restoring destroyed plant cover or in reconstruction.


Disrupting the ground surface could leave holes, trenches, or heaps that make pets and children vulnerable to accidents. Relining pipes is a safer approach to fix the damage underneath.

Finding water leaking underneath your swimming pool should not drive you to drain away the water or excavate it. There is now a way to fix it fast, efficiently and effortlessly. Call us today for expert drain repairs on your pool.

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